The Katahdin Learning Project, established in 2016, is a place-based learning initiative in the Katahdin region with grass-roots beginnings, with the intent of getting students and the broader community outside and connected to the Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.  Katahdin region teachers teamed up with National Park Service Staff to build this program in connection to Katahdin region schools.  The Katahdin Learning Project welcomes educators and students from all areas to engage in programming in the Monument, for more information contact Kala Rush, Education and Engagement Coordinator at


We envision a future where our youth, public lands, and education will unite us, create vibrant communities, and ensure a prosperous future for the Katahdin Region.


The mission of the Katahdin Learning Project is to foster and support authentic teaching and learning in the Katahdin Region that engages students in real projects in the community and the wild and natural places surrounding them.


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