Stars Over Katahdin is our annual celebration of the unparalleled night skies of the Katahdin region. Typically,  Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters gathers Volunteers In Parks (VIPs) astronomers and star enthusiasts for campfire chats about the dark skies and observation of the stunning celestial objects above the Loop Road Overlook at Mile 6.4. This year, we will celebrate with an interactive Zoom webinar, bringing the campfire chats and the monument’s dark skies to you wherever you are.


OCTOBER 15, 2020 AT 6:30 PM EST

The seventh annual event is the first Stars Over Katahdin since the designation of Katahdin Woods & Waters as the first International Dark Sky Sanctuary on the eastern seaboard.  This designation, announced by the International Dark-Sky Association in May, recognizes the unusually dark nature of the skies above the Monument, which measure a 2 on the Bortle Scale. According to this measure, only places as remote as Antarctica have darker skies.

In celebration of this honor, FKWW released the second edition of our Dark Sky Guide this spring to help visitors enjoy a trip to stargaze and appreciate the uniquely dark skies in the Katahdin region.