Dan Wenk

Dan Wenk had over a 40 year career with the National Park Service. Dan and his wife Barbara retired to Rapid City, South Dakota at the end of 2018. He began his career as a Landscape Architect with the Denver Service Center.  In 1979 he was assigned to Yellowstone National Park as the Park Landscape Architect where he assisted with the integration of visitor facilities into the natural areas and updating the concessions facilities throughout the park.  In 1985 he became Superintendent of Mount Rushmore National Memorial and led a $65 million public/private partnership to redevelop the visitor facilities at the Memorial.  In 2001 Dan was appointed to the the manager of the Denver Service Center, the NPS central office for planning, design and construction through the National Park System. In 2007 he moved to Washington DC as the Deputy Director for Operations of the NPS. In 2011 Dan was assigned as the Superintendent of Yellowstone NP. During his tenure in Yellowstone he also served as the interim President of the National Park Foundation. Since retirement he has been active with non profit environmental organizations throughout the country.