Katahdin Area Students Volunteer at BikeMaine for an Educational Experience

Saturday, September 8, 2018

Katahdin Area Students Volunteer at BikeMaine for an Educational Experience

Fort Fairfield, ME – Katahdin Region students came together again to volunteer as the tent and porter crew for BikeMaine 2018: Acadia in the St. John Valley – La Terre Entre Deux (the land between). Students take seven days, including five away from school, to work setting up and taking down tents. They join cyclists for each meal, learn from a place-based curriculum in the afternoon, and then camp out each night in “tent city.” The week is facilitated and supported through multiple partnerships ranging from the Katahdin Learning Project, a place-based learning initiative offering educational opportunities at the Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters, to Elliotsville Plantation, Inc. The work could not be done without the amazing teacher chaperones from Katahdin Middle High School, CariLynn Hanson and Kyle Quarles. Katahdin region schools such as Katahdin Middle High School have the opportunity to jump on board in order to offer students this week-long learning adventure.

What is the Katahdin Learning Project?

The Katahdin Learning Project, a project of Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters, works to create educational opportunities through place-based learning in the Katahdin Region, using Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument and the surrounding communities as the backdrop.

MISSION: The mission of the Katahdin Learning Project is to foster and support authentic teaching and learning in the Katahdin Region that engages students in real projects in the community and the wild and natural places surrounding them.

VISION: We envision a future where our youth, public lands, and education will unite us, create vibrant communities, and ensure a prosperous future for the Katahdin Region.

Why do we partner with BikeMaine?

BikeMaine offers participating students a rare opportunity to learn through hands-on activities in nearby communities with a curriculum created by teachers and partners in order to enhance and provide the best and most educational experience possible. The crew also earn a substantial stipend for programs at their school, like resources for their outdoor education program.

Who participates?

Students, grade 7-11, from the Katahdin Middle / High School

Partners including Katahdin Learning Project/Friends of Katahdin Woods and Water, Elliotsville Plantation, Inc., Katahdin Middle / High School, and BikeMaine.


Kala Rush
Education and Engagement Coordinator
Friends of Katahdin Woods and Waters
(406) 728-5692

Marie Robinson
Principal at Katahdin Middle / High School Principal
(207) 365-4218

CariLynn Hanson
Teacher at Katahdin Middle / High School
(207) 365-4218

Susan Adams
Recreation Manager
Elliotsville Plantation, Inc.
(207) 852-1291